Smart Link Solution (SLS) $15,000 Airdrop | How Smart Link Solution works?

Smart Link Solution (SLS) $15,000 Airdrop | How Smart Link Solution works?

What Is Smart Link Solution $SLS


Smart Link Solution, a futuristic technology company, aims to harness the potential of technology.


Blockchain technology offers opportunities to create applications that solve real-world problems while protecting the privacy of all users.


The Smart Link Connect blockchain architecture was developed by them. It allows for inter-communication and interoperability between different web3 platforms.


It acts as a bridge between multiple blockchains and software in order to share and communicate data, while maintaining privacy and speed.


It can be used by businesses for many purposes, including Artificial Intelligence and Scalable Web3 Solution, Data tracking, cloud computing, and so on.


Each participant will receive SLS (the native token of Smart Link Solution). This creates a win-win scenario.

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Smart Link Solution Products


  • Web3 AAS
  • IoT
  • Web3 Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Royalty Reward


Smart Link Solution Partners/ Investors

According to their website, they have the backing of one of the largest tech companies. AWS, Azure and Axtrics.


Smart Link Solution (SLS), $15,000 Airdrop

They are currently running an airdrop campaign where they distribute SLS tokens in the amount of $15,000 to participants.


TIME: December 1, 2022 to December 15, 2022


REWARD: SLS will award 100,000 SLS tokens to the winners


Total airdrop value: 100,000 token ~ $15,000 USD


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Step 1: By joining our channels, players become SLS members.


Telegram chat:

Telegram channel:

Step 2: Follow the Twitter account at


Retweet @SLS_global pinned tweet on Twitter: and tag 3 friends.


Step 3: Go to the SLS website at


Step 4: Submit your wallet adress (ERC20).


Step 5:Refer friends for extra entries




How do I buy Smart Link Solution SLS token/coin?

The SLS coin is currently not listed on any exchange. We will update this post when it becomes listed. This post can be saved so that you don’t forget it.


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