Know how investing in crypto is the best tax-saving plan

Heavy tax paying can limit your financial gains; it may even trouble your plans to maximize earnings. Also, you cannot skip tax as it is illegal and can cause substantial monetary penalties or punishment. But you can certainly lower your tax pays in some legal ways. It can help you minimize your tax pays without involving you in legal matters.

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If you are looking for an effective tax-saving plan, investing in Cryptocurrency is an ideal way to help you out. Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular investments plans many investors are interested in. This is a way to liquidize your physical asset or earnings. Currently, many investors are gaining good profits from investing in Cryptocurrency. They are also saving huge taxes while investing in cryptos.

But you must also remember that crypto investments are high in volatility, and you must make a well-informed decision to save your taxes by investing in Cryptocurrency without facing a financial loss. Today we will show how crypto investment is the best tax-saving plan and everything you need to know before investing, so if you are looking for ways to save your taxes, keep reading.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Understating why investing in cryptos is the best tax-saving plan is only possible if you know what it is and how it works. Here is a brief description of Cryptocurrency for your help. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses blockchain for transactions, and it is secured with cryptography and decentralized.

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In simple words, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency not centralized like physical currencies regulated by the state or other authorities. It also uses blockchain technology to limit access only between trusted users, and cryptography help to make the transaction details direct, transparent, and non-changeable. So, no one can tamper with the transaction details, including the authority.

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                                            Know how investing in crypto is the best tax-saving plan 

How does cryptocurrency works?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that cannot be governed by a state or country regulatory body and the best tax saving plan. Cryptocurrencies work beyond the traditional banking domain and use different coins and bands like Bitcoins, Altcoins, Crypto tokens, etc. Below we will share a brief detail about its work prosses.


Cryptocurrencies are different from physical currency; they are primarily generated through mining. Mining is a challenging and complex process where the miners need to solve complicated mathematical puzzles to earn crypto. For a digital crypto miner, it takes almost 30 days to mine a crypto coin.

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 Selling, buying, and storing-

Cryptocurrencies are easy to buy, sell or store, making them the best tax-saving plan. You can easily buy or sell cryptos through different verified crypto exchange platforms.

Users can enter the platform and create their profiles to buy and sell cryptos securely. Once you buy cryptos, you can hold them for a long or short time. You can store cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet in hot or cold modes. Hot mode means connected to the internet for faster transactions. And cold mode means storing outside the internet coverage. The hot mode can make transactions easy but also includes theft, fraud, and other vulnerabilities, while cold storage can offer safe storing but make it tough to transact.

 Transact or Invest

Using or regulating cryptocurrencies is easy. Once you buy a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, you can transact it to any other digital wallet or invest them as per your choice. Generally, when you purchase a cryptocurrency, you get several options to invest in them, like purchasing assets (real estate properties, goods, services), trading with them, exchange cryptos for physical cash or currencies.

Know how investing in crypto is the best tax-saving plan jpeg
                               Know how investing in crypto is the best tax-saving plan 

How to invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency investments can be the best tax-saving plan if you invest in them properly. There needs to be more than just knowing about it to make an informed decision in cryptocurrency investments. Therefore, here we will also discuss the steps of investing in Cryptocurrency.

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Step one: understand the market before investing.

The first step to investing in Cryptocurrency is to understand the crypto market and find the most suitable asset to invest in. There is no doubt that the crypto market is prone to volatility and can cause significant wealth loss if you do not allocate your investment wisely. According to crypto market experts, a portfolio must invest in cryptos at most 5-10 % of the portfolio. It can help to minimize the market risks of your investments. Similarly, you need to logically select an asset class and reason to invest in it.

Step two: select a cryptocurrency type

Once you have settled your mind about the asset class and how much you want to invest in that asset, it’s time to select Cryptocurrency. If you are into cryptocurrencies, you probably know that various types of cryptocurrencies are available in the crypto market, like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Altcoin, and many more. Also, more than 5,300 crypto tokens are available in the market, making it hard to choose one. However, you must select the old and most traded currency as they are more reliable and safe options than the newly arrived ones.

Step three: understand your Cryptocurrency.

Understanding Cryptocurrency is equally important as understanding the asset class. Every Cryptocurrency defers its blockchain technique, mining process, network distribution, security, and other details. And it would help if you considered all of them before you buy one.

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Step four: select a platform to buy

Cryptocurrencies regulate beyond the bank or governmental governance; hence banks or other financial institutions cannot provide cryptocurrency buying or selling facilities. You must rely on digital cryptocurrency exchange platforms to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You can find many online platforms that exchange Cryptocurrency. But you should have a reliable platform that has been exchanging Cryptocurrency for a long time and is trusted by many investors. Also, it would help if you remembered that state or country governing bodies do not regulate crypto exchange; it is completely anonymous and includes a fee for selling or buying crypto.

Step five: store cryptos

Once you purchase a cryptocurrency, you can store them in your crypto wallet, a digital wallet. You can store your cryptocurrencies in hot or cold modes, where hot mode keeps your cryptos connected to the internet and cold mode do not. Many crypto wallets are available, like online wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, and hardware wallets. You must select one according to your need for security and transaction measures.

Step six: safeguard your cryptos.

Securing your stored cryptocurrencies is essential, especially if you are storing them in a hot wallet or using them to buy goods or services. The best way to safeguard your stored cryptos is to use VPNs to help encrypt your data related to a transaction. Encrypted data means no one will know your transaction details.

Step seven: hold and sell your

Investing in cryptos is the best tax-saving plan that can also gain you good profit. When you purchase cryptos, you can hold them for short-term or long-term and sell them when you find a suitable scope to gain profit. But experts suggest that you must not use them as a way to get rich quickly. Instead, you should hold them for long terms without falling for fraud tricks and ensure maximum profit for your investments.

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Why investing in Cryptocurrency is the best tax-saving plan?

Saving taxes can be complex, especially when you want to avoid being involved in illegal means to skip your taxes. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be the best tax saving plan as it is legal and offers various benefits to reduce your tax paying. Below we will discuss reasons why Cryptocurrency is the best tax-saving plan.

  • It liquidizes money

The main reason Crypto investment is the best tax-saving plan is that it liquidizes money. Any government authority puts tax based on your earnings and your asset value. So, as much physical currency and possession you hold, your tax rate will go high according to it. But when you invest in cryptocurrencies, it helps to liquidate your investment, making it a non-countable earning. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies with no fixed value, and they also make it hard to esteem your current earnings of it.

  • Helps to diversify your assets

Investing in Cryptocurrency is very similar to stock market investment. It also helps to diversify your assets which is another excellent way to reduce tax, making it the best tax-saving plan. When you invest in cryptos, you allocate your investments or assets in various places. Therefore, it becomes difficult to evaluate your earnings and asset value. But it would help if you remembered that the crypto market is similar to the stock market but not the same because only trusted users can enter it. No one else can know your investment details or earnings from the crypto investments.

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  • Long-term holding can reduce tax-.

Buying and selling cryptos includes tax paying, similar to the ordinary tax rates. But if you hold them long-term, it means more than 1 year. Long-term-holding offers up to 0%  tax rates. So, you need to pay less tax when you sell your Cryptocurrencies after one or more.

  • Holding for a lifetime to get complete tax exemption-

Another reason crypto investments are one of the best tax saving plans is getting complete tax exemption. Only Cryptocurrency investments can offer complete tax exemption when you hold your cryptocurrencies for a lifetime. In the crypto market, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies and store/hold them for your lifetime. And when your hires receive them after you, they get complete tax exemption on the asset of currency you had held.

  • Transact your profits to other accounts-

It is a tricky yet effective way to reduce your tax while investing in cryptocurrencies. When you invest in the cryptocurrency market, you get the option to transact your earnings or purchase cryptocurrencies in different crypto wallets. So, if you wish, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies to your pears crypto wallet, which will lower your taxes. And again, return them when you need them.

Other Benefits of investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investment can be the best tax-saving plan, but it also offers many other benefits. Here we will share some essential ones below.


Investing in Cryptocurrency is more trustworthy as you do not need to trust any government entity blindly for your money. It also includes advanced technology cryptography and blockchain for investment and currency exchange.

Easy transaction

Another benefit of investing in Cryptocurrency is the easy transaction. In the crypto market, you can transact your cryptos from one wallet to another with simple steps.

Product or service purchase

You can also use Cryptocurrency as physical money to purchase products, services, and even real estate properties.

Other tax-saving ideas

Cryptocurrency offers various ways to reduce the tax, which makes it the best tax-saving plan. But there are other ways to decrease your tax; read the list below.


Donating your money to charity works such as non-profit organizations can lower your tax rate. Many NGOs offer a 50%-70% tax exemption when you donate your money to their projects. Several governments plans like National Pension Scheme and other such schemes.


Investing in crypto can be the best tax-saving plan for you. But if you are looking for other ways to reduce taxes, Insurance policies can be another beneficial idea. Every government deducts tax if you invest in insurance policies like health insurance or life insurance schemes. According to article 80C, you can enjoy tax reductions in India when you invest in insurance policies. You can buy insurance on your, your spouse and your children’s behalf and get tax deductions against your paid premiums.

Mutual funds

Investing in Mutual funds can also reduce your taxes. But do remember that only a few mutual funds are counted under article 80C, which helps decrease tax. But this fund has a lock-in period of 3 years, and once you invest in such fund, you must wait to withdraw before the lock-in period ends.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that liquidizes your physical money. When your physical money or asset liquidizes, it becomes hard to trace the actual value and reduces your tax payments efficiently. There is no wonder that crypto investment is the best tax-saving plan. But it would help if you remembered that the crypto market is highly volatile, and you must invest wisely to avoid significant monetary losses.  You must remember that there are strict regulations for cryptocurrency than paper money hence, you must invest wisely in portfolios.

Here, we have discussed all the essential information about investment in Cryptocurrency and how it can effectively reduce your annual taxes.

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